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Approved by Darth Council and by order of the Empress, the guild rankings are as follows:

Acolyte: This title is given to you as you join the guild. You move up by participating in the guild. This is given upon initially joining no matter which class, however it’s meant for Sith. If you are not a Sith then you will be put as “Imperial Army” rank.

Imperial Army: This is the rank given to Agents and Bounty Hunters upon being accepted into the guild. If you are an agent and want to be in Imperial Intelligence then please contact a Dark Council Member or the Empress either by Mail in-game or a whisper in-game.

Imperial Intelligence: This is given to Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters wanting to be in Imperial Intelligence. No special requirements are needed just contact a Dark Council Member or the Empress to be moved to this rank as stated above.

Apprentice: This rank will be given to Sith members who have acquired a master in-game. As soon as the master agrees to take you on they will change your rank to the appropriate one – Masters include both Darths and Lords.

Lord: The next rank in the guild for a Sith is “Lord”. While Lords can take on Apprentices of their own, they will still have a master (a Darth ranked Sith). They will need to listen to them and carry out tasks like any apprentice would until they have been promoted to a Darth.

Darth: The “Darth” title is a title given to a Sith who has reached far enough into the RP environment and have went through all the above ranks. The prerequisite for this rank is that you be a Lord and have an Apprentice and your Master has decided that you are worthy enough of becoming a Darth in the ranks of our Guild. Once your Master thinks you are good enough to rank up you will be called upon by the Dark Council and the Empress and go through a promotion ceremony.

Royal Guard: Royal Guard is given to the members who have already acquired the Darth or Lord rank and are handpicked by the Dark Council and the Empress. You will need to participate in guild events and make an impression on the Council and the Empress.

Dark Council: This rank is hard to achieve. The Dark Council will only have 12 members just like in the story of SWTOR. To get this rank there would need to be a free spot on the council and you would have needed to participate in as many events as possible. You would also need to make an impression on the guild and the Councilors and most important the Empress herself. You can be recommended by a member of the Dark Council as well and put up for consideration for induction.

Voice: This rank is second to the Empress. Acting as guild leader while the Empress is not available, this rank serves as the right hand to the Empress and as the voice of the guild. There is only one voice and this rank cannot be achieved by anyone unless the current voice leaves or passes the title.

Empress: The guild leader rank. This rank is exclusive for the Guild Master of Saviors of the Dark and will not be passed on unless the empress has quit the game or has decided to step down. Should the leader move on the council will take control of the guild until someone on the council is declared the new leader of the guild. We hope this never happens or changes and that our beloved Empress will always lead us.

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